National Grid Celebrates Lineworker Appreciation Day

Company’s electricity field force maintains service for more than 10 million people, goes above and beyond to assist those in need

National Grid’s electricity field force is a special group of people who perform extraordinary work in some of the toughest conditions. Their unwavering level of commitment to our customers – combined with their willingness to go above and beyond – make us proud to once again celebrate National Lineworker Appreciation Day on July 10.

Every day, thousands of National Grid electricity workers design, build, maintain and repair overhead and underground electricity lines and substations and perform a host of other essential functions that enable 10 million people to power virtually every aspect of their lives. They are central to maintaining over 100,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines across more than 30,000 square miles.

Over the last 16 months alone, seven severe storms battered our service area, damaged our system and left customers without power. As they always do, the men and women who maintain our electricity system headed out into the harshest of weather conditions, and worked nights, weekends and holidays to restore power to 2 million customers. These skilled workers repaired poles, cables and other electricity equipment, all with an eye toward restoring power quickly and as safely as possible for our customers.

As a result of the company’s exceptional performance in restoring power, the Edison Electric Institute recognized National Grid in June with our 21st Emergency Response Award in 15 years.

“National Lineworker Appreciation Day is one way we thank our electricity field force for their valuable expertise and for making sure our customers are taken care of,” said Chris Kelly, National Grid’s Chief Operating Officer – Electric. “Their work is at the heart of meeting our customers’ ever-increasing reliance on electricity. And in emergency situations, they also act as first responders, working hand-in-hand with public safety officials to protect the millions of people we serve. We are proud of the work they deliver today and every day.”

Lineworkers as Life Savers
Some members of our electricity team have found themselves in the right place at the right time, and often have had to make quick, heroic decisions that have meant the difference between life and death:

All of these brave workers were recognized with the company’s lifesaving award, which is presented to National Grid staff whose unselfish acts in crisis situations saved others.

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