National Grid Launches Enhanced Training Program for First Responders

Award-winning training now addresses solar, natural gas calls


WALTHAM, MASS. – National Grid today launched an e-learning program to equip first responders with the necessary tools to keep customers with solar panels safe. The new online first responder photovoltaic solar (PV) safety training program and downloadable natural gas-related group training exercises are an expansion of its Award-Winning First Responder Utility Safety Training e-Learning Program.

Designed by National Grid’s advisory board, which includes emergency first responders from Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island, the e-learning and downloadable group training exercises include the most common real-world service call scenarios. The online photovoltaic solar (PV) safety training program includes:

  • Solar power: Get the facts addresses commonly held beliefs and misconceptions about solar power and PV systems.
  • PV solar system basics takes a more in depth look at PV systems and how they work.
  • PV solar system incident response tactics provides a foundation for responding to fire emergencies that involve PV solar systems in any system configuration.

“The solar power industry is experiencing exponential growth,” said Dan McNamara, Vice President, Pipeline Safety and Compliance, National Grid. “This burgeoning growth has local fire departments concerned about the potential dangers of fighting fires on structures equipped with solar panels—the launch of National Grid’s online first responder training provides first responders with practical information about the risks and how to manage them.”

While National Grid created the e-learning primarily for firefighters, law enforcement, who are often the first to arrive at an incident, would benefit from the course.

Likewise, the new natural gas- downloadable group training exercises for in-house trainers of first responders reinforce the tactics required to safely respond to incidents involving natural gas. Training is specially formulated for a group learning environmentThe four training topics are based on the most common natural gas-related fire service emergency calls and include: (1) Gas main leak with no ignition (2) Gas service leak with ignition (3) Gas odor with source unknown and (4) Residents overcome by carbon monoxide.

The modules and exercises are free of charge and will be available on December 4, 2017. First responders can register for National Grid’s e-learning or download the group training at the company’s portal, where thousands of first responders have already registered and received certificates of completion in natural gas and electrical safety.

About National Grid

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